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I apologise. This blog seems to be mutating from "Tim Harford talks about everyone else" to "everyone else talks about Tim Harford". It is just a passing phase, I assure you. I almost didn’t link to this nice profile by David Smith, economics editor of the Sunday Times, but perhaps readers of this blog might be interested:

Tim Harford, despite his jacket, jeans and baseball boots, still looks like the Oxford economics tutor he used to be. But now he has become a bestselling author, and he has done it by applying the economics he used to teach his students to real life…
His second book, The Logic of Life, is published next week by Little, Brown. Harford is one of life’s nice guys, so it is a bit of a shock to open the new book and go straight into oral sex, apparently the rational choice of American teenagers worried about Aids or abortion. But like its predecessor it is never short of interest.

Update: While we’re at on the subject of The Logic of Life, a nice long piece by Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit in the New York Post, entitled "Milton Friedman explains Mr Big". And Marginal Revolution’s book forum continues.

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