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David Warsh shouldn’t have to write this:

I have given a pretty good account of how Harvard professor Andrei Shleifer was found to be investing in Russia, along with his wife, deputy, and deputy’s family, in violation of his contractual obligation to provide disinterested advice… but you would never have a clue that any of this had happened from three of the most widely-read economists’ blogs, the Freakonomics site, J. Bradford Delong’s Semi-Daily Journal, or N. Gregory Mankiw’s blog. Why?  Because they are economists, and not committed to “without fear or favor” news, though they deliver plenty of interesting tidbits over the course of a week.

The point is, Warsh’s site, Economic Principals, tells you things you won’t hear elsewhere. It is highly recommended.

Elsewhere, Shanta Devarajan of the World Bank has a new blog about Africa. Recent posts discuss Paul Krugman’s ideas on economic geography and their relevance to Africa.

Also elsewhere, my wife has a blog, How To Make A Difference. Each post is a profile in words and pictures of someone who is changing the world in one way or another.

Tim Harford’s blog

This blog is no longer updated but it remains open as an archive.

Tim, also known as the Undercover Economist, writes about the economics of everyday life.