Recommended reading

Several books on my desk at the moment.

Strongly recommended: The Long and the Short of It by FT columnist John Kay – which I see has already sold out at

Daron Acemoglu’s magisterial textbook on economic growth looks very impressive; I’ve not dared to crack the spine yet.

Coming soon, Economics 2.0 in translation from the original German. I enjoyed this a lot, although no tales of derring-do a la Freakonomics. It’s an accessible literature survey of a lot of quirky or otherwise intriguing economics, and many readers of my column will enjoy it. The modest bias towards continental researchers is a good thing – it introduced me to research I had overlooked.

Nariman Behravesh’s “Spin Free Economics” looks promising. Tyler Cowen loved it. I am still stuck under a pile of research papers but hope to read it soon. US Amazon readers don’t like the claim of non-partisanship. I can see what they mean: Behravesh is very pro-market, although that is not quite the same thing as partisanship…

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