Books I am looking forward to reading

Tyler and Alex have a set of textbooks out (or nearly so).

Tyler’s “Create Your Own Economy“:

1. The Future of Thinking Differently

2. Hidden Creativity

3. Why Modern Culture is Like Marriage, in all its Glory

4. IM, Cell Phones, and Facebook [this chapter discusses Twitter as well]

5. The Buddha as Savior and the Professor as Shaman

6. The New Economy of Stories

7. Heroes

8. Beauty isn’t What You Think

9. Autistic Politics

10. The Future of the Universe

Amit Varma’s “My Friend Sancho

James Tooley’s “The Beautiful Tree

David Kilcullen’s “The Accidental Guerilla

Various reasons why I haven’t read any of them yet, most notably Loren Graham’s “The Ghost of the Executed Engineer“.

Tim Harford’s blog

This blog is no longer updated but it remains open as an archive.

Tim, also known as the Undercover Economist, writes about the economics of everyday life.