Making aid more transparent

At the moment it’s hard to figure out who is disbursing aid to whom, when, and on what. In an ideal world, anyone in the world would be able to see exactly what money is being spent, in real time (or even looking ahead a year or two), what it’s supposed to be being spent on, and where – down to the local level – the money is supposed to be going. Taxpayers in donor countries have a right to know; donor agencies themselves should be able to coordinate better with each other; and the citizens of recipient countries could also benefit from seeing what money their governments are accepting, and for what purpose. (Owen Barder has more, much more.)

But now data on development aid is getting more transparent. David Roodman calls my attention to a brand new website,, which is designed to be an accessible portal through which different users can find out what’s going on in the world of aid. Check it out, Aid Nerds!

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