Books I feel guilty that I have not yet read

Stefan Klein’s “Leonardo’s Legacy” looks like a really accessible, wide-ranging discussion of just how amazing Leonardo Da Vinci was and what it means for us today. On the strength of a very quick flick through and my enjoyment of Stefan’s earlier books, I recommend it.

Sheena Iyengar “The Art of Choosing“. Iyengar is a psychologist who has done interesting work on the “paradox of choice” and worked with Ray Fisman on the statistics of speed-dating. Her book seems to rely heavily on Sheena’s own personal story and research, much as Dan Ariely’s “Predictably Irrational” did, I’ve not yet read enough to work out whether it is as successfully executed.

Cash on Delivery“, a wonkish book from the Center for Global Development. The idea here is that donors hand out cash to countries which meet certain targets. At the moment we hand out cash and then monitor intensively without necessarily guaranteeing results. CoD is an interesting idea, I cannot say whether the book is interesting but I suspect so.

PS There are many books on my desk that are unread but about which I feel no guilt.

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