In praise of David Warsh

One of the pleasures of being at the Royal Economic Society last week was the chance to sit next to David Warsh at dinner. Every minute with him is an education – it’s a bit like an Oxbridge tutorial, only the subject is economics journalism and the student is old enough to appreciate the privilege.

David covered economics – and, distinctively, economists – for many years for the Boston Globe. His weekly column has now migrated online to Economic Principals. You should all be reading it. And I also strongly recommend David’s book, Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations. (My review of Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations is here.)

I also met Olaf Storbeck, co-author of the very enjoyable Economics 2.0.

And of course, I also saw some very interesting economics research, but you can read about that in the column over the next few weeks.

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