More or Less “ElectionWatch”

Those of you who listen to Radio 4 will understand why I’ve not been blogging much for the last few days. Wearing my other hat as presenter of Radio 4′s “More or Less”, I’ve been appearing on “Today” and “PM” to puncture some of the sillier statistics of the election campaign, and perhaps more importantly to put others into a context where they mean something.

The More or Less team are working flat out on this but we’re all having fun. You can take a look at the More or Less “ElectionWatch” site – which is neither 100 per cent reliable nor 100 per cent up to date, but is still pretty handy. Or please send your suggestions to

A few appearances that haven’t yet made it onto ElectionWatch include us popping Phil Woolas’s bubble on BBC2′s Daily Politics, explaining the new Liberal Democrat exchange rate of 2.5 cappuccinos to the bombshell, and this morning at 6.50am, pointing out that the UK Independence Party is still using a highly doubtful statistic nine months after More or Less told them they’d got it wrong.

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