The Age of the Infovore

Tyler Cowen’s “Create Your Own Economy” is now out in paperback entitled “The Age of the Infovore“, perhaps an acknowledgement that the initial title wasn’t working out.

I liked the book at lot. As suits the infovoracious it is  wide-ranging, somewhat scattershot but extremely creative, original and thought-provoking. If the book has a theme it is that different people think very differently – not just that they have different tastes or different beliefs but that the entire way they organise the world is different – and that the internet offers some people a much better way to order their encounters with the world than they have previously been offered. It changed the way I think.

Also, you get to hear Tyler’s discussion of whether we might usefully think of Sherlock Holmes as an autistic character.

If you buy this book hoping for another “Freakonomics, “Armchair Economist” or “Logic of Life” you’ll be surprised. But if you’re a Marginal Revolution fan and want to go deeper, you’ll be enthralled.

NB Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok have some textbooks out. They look interesting too but as a non-teaching non-student they have yet to tempt me to a proper review.

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