Daily Archives: January 25, 2008

I recommend that Peter Hain reads the US papers today. Instead of dwelling on his political obituary, he can take heart from a (albeit incomplete) story of redemption: Paul Wolfowitz has made a return to government.

Rosie Winterton, a transport minister, was yesterday awarded the extra title of Minister for Yorkshire and the Humber – replacing Caroline Flint, the new housing minister.

Rosie_wintertonMeanwhile Phil Hope became minister for the East Midlands.  Read more

Lord Levy, former fund-raiser for Labour under Tony Blair, showed a delicious sense of timing in announcing plans to publish his memoirs yesterday; just after Peter Hain resigned.Lord_levy

Simon & Schuster, the publisher, has won the auction to publish the memoir of the controversial former businessman who was at the heart of the "Cash for Peerages" probe by police into Labour donations. Levy was cleared after an investigation which saw Blair become the first prime minister to be questioned by police while in office.  Read more

MPs pay was the dog which didn’t bark, let alone bite. A thinly-attended House of Commons last night capitulated to Gordon Brown’s wish for pay restraint and a 1.9 per cent pay rise was passed without even going to a vote.

It was always hard to see why anyone would have stepped out of line and fought for the 2.56 per cent recommended by the Senior Salaries Review Board.  Read more