Daily Archives: January 28, 2008

Purnell_picBond My colleague Jim Pickard, who has just joined our lobby team, is proving to be a tremendous asset.

Just today he spotted that James Purnell, the newly promoted work and pensions secretary, has a doppelgänger — Daniel Craig, the current James Bond.  Read more

Tomorrow morning we’re running two articles about donors shying away from political parties after an endless wave of unwelcome publicity. But not everyone is deterred.

Mike Slade, the flamboyant founder of Helical Bar, a property developer, says donors should ignore it when observers question their motives. Mike_slade  Read more

In the 1990s it was usually sex which got MPs into trouble. Now it’s money.

This time it’s a Tory. Derek Conway has been rebuked by the Commons standards and privileges committee for paying his 19-year old son – who was at Newcastle University at the time – a research salary.
The committee has found a lack of evidence as to what work may or may not have been done by young Frederick Conway.
Last time the committee’s members gave an MP a similar kicking it was George Galloway last summer.  Read more

Oh dear. Just what Gordon Brown didn’t want to hear. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the new head of the IMF, suggesting that the world needs a big fiscal electric-shock to help it out of its looming economic downturn.

Mr Strauss-Kahn’s view that interest rate cuts alone won’t dig the global economy out of a hole marks a surprise shift in the IMF’s position – normally it is the biggest cheerleader for fiscal consolidation. Read more