Blair: Not the retiring type

After a decade of running the country you might expect Tony Blair to take a breather. But it doesn’t seem to be in his nature. Last week he took a new job as an adviser to JP Morgan, the US investment bank, which is thought to be the first in a clutch of corporate posts.

Bear in mind that Mr Blair is already trying to bring peace to the Middle East; a Sisyphian task if ever there was one.

All that comes in between the speeches, the running, the tennis and the writing of his memoirs – although that task appears to be behind schedule.

Now the Guardian has revealed yet another job; the former PM is to be an unpaid adviser to the Rwandan government of President Kagame and has sent a trio of former advisers to see how he can help rebuild the once war-torn African country.

In one sense he is typical of his baby boomer generation, where doing nothing after a certain age is seen as an admission of defeat. In his quiet moments Mr Blair must sometimes long for a more relaxing retirement. A cottage in Torbay, perhaps, with a nice view of the sea?