Daily Archives: February 14, 2008

Plenty of controversy this week about the Mosquito, a device used by irate shopkeepers to scare off loitering youths. The product, which has been sold in the thousands, emits an annoying sound which can only be heard by the under-20s. Liberty, the human rights group, is hoping to launch a legal campaign against its use.

There is an alternative, says the Local Government Association. It is called the "Manilow Method" and involves landlords playing naff music to deter teenagers.  Read more

They say turkeys never vote for Christmas. But MPs are likely to wave through new rules which force them to disclose any relatives on their payroll. The move, a response to the Derek Conway scandal, was announced by the Committee on Standards and Privileges in a press release on February 5.

With all leaders of the three main parties urging greater transparency – hoping to head off further damaging revelations – the move is likely to pass through the Commons unopposed when a vote takes place in March.  Read more