Daily Archives: February 28, 2008

Why is David Cameron so keen to associate himself with a Jamaican ganster flick? As the Mail points out (scroll to the bottom of the piece), the “reggae anthem” chosen for his conference speech and the new Tory ad campaign has bloody and murderous associations. The tune — “You Can Get it if You Really Want” — is a Jimmy Cliff classic that plays at the beginning and the end of his shoot ‘em-up “The Harder they Come”.

The film’s tagline summarises the plot quite well: “dem a loot, dem a shoot, dem a wail in shanty town”. I seem to remember that Jimmy Cliff — who plays Ivanhoe Martin, a wannabe singer who turns to drug-dealing and mass-murder — goes on a cop-killing rampage to the sound of “”You Can Get it if You Really Want” near the end of the movie. David Cameron may have even watched it as a student while eating jerk-chicken from his favourite Jamaican food-joint in Oxford. Read more

A new system of “yellow cards” for ministers who misbehave could be brought in as a half-way house between sacking and inaction, according to the man who advises Gordon Brown on ministerial conduct.The “yellow card” – a reference to the warning system in football – would be used for instances where ministers had breached the guidelines but did not deserve to see their career terminated.

The suggestion was made this morning by Sir Philip Mawer, former Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, who is now the prime minister’s Independent Adviser on Ministerial Interests. Read more