Daily Archives: March 3, 2008

Plenty of FT readers have second homes in the countryside. So I feel it’s my duty to shed some light on two big news stories of the last couple of days which would in theory affect them.

 1] A Sunday newspaper has suggested that the government is planning a crackdown on second home owners in rural parts. It based its story on a report by Matthew Taylor, Lib Dem MP, which has not yet been written. Read more

Energy companies are coming under pressure to explain their high profits. One of the sticks the government can beat them with is a windfall tax on the money the companies have reaped from quirks in the European Union’s emissions trading scheme.

The biggest groups already put aside a small fraction of their profits to help customers on the breadline. This week they are in talks with ministers about striking a more comprehensive deal to tackle fuel poverty for Britain’s poorest households. In return the government would hold off from imposing the energy windfall tax. Read more