Daily Archives: March 26, 2008

gordon.jpgOne Downing Street official expressed surprise to me the other day that the Stalin nickname had stuck to Gordon Brown more than Macavity, T.S Elliot’s mystery cat.  Both names, of course, were pinned on the prime minister by Lord Turnbull in his infamous interview with my colleague Nick Timmins.

The thought of Macavity disappearing from the scene of any crime reminded me of an answer given by Mr Brown in his last Downing Street press conference.  One journalist had the gall to suggest that as chancellor Mr Brown should have spent more time watching the problems in the credit markets and less time preparing to take over from Tony Blair. Read more

I wish I could find a screen shot of Michael Martin, the Commons speaker, slapping down an David Winnick for questioning his decision to appeal the release of MPs expenses. What he said was remarkable. But the colour he turned was quite spectacular. As he said the words “media” and “expenses”, his face turned a shade of scarlet that could have set off the fire alarms in the Commons.

For those who missed Mr Martin’s outburst, here is Jim Pickard’s rough transcript of what he said: Read more