Daily Archives: April 1, 2008

Gordon Brown seems to think that the British economy is uniquely strong. This has become a new mantra of the prime minister. Last night I loitered outside the weekly meeting of the Labour PLP (Parliamentary Labour Party) where Brown was making a rare appearance.

Apparently he said that the government has led Britain in “98, 2000, 2004″ through difficult economic circumstances and therefore has the policies to get through the current turbulence. Read more

basra.jpgOf all the presidential candidates, John McCain certainly has the biggest differences with Gordon Brown over how to handle Basra. Over at the Spectator Coffee House, James Forsyth has picked up some “straight talk” on British efforts to bring order to Iraq’s second biggest city. McCain says the British failed to counter the Iranians as they “moved into Southern Iraq”. “These are the penalties we continue to pay for the very bad mishandling of the war for nearly four years while they became solidly entrenched,” he added.

This reminded me of some of McCain’s more explicit criticisms of the British withdrawal plans. In February, he told reporters that he “did not think it was a good idea” for the British to draw down troops last year. Read more

I think I’ve spotted my first political April Fools’ day yarn. Take a bow LibDem Voice. They have apparently stumbled on a Labour policy paper left on a Commons photocopier that proposes a “State Second Parent Scheme.” This will divert billions of pounds of benefits payments to hire Polish nannies to help out single mothers. If they are to be believed, Britain’s troubled youth will soon add a taste for Kiełbasa sausages to their taste for hoods and knives.