Daily Archives: April 3, 2008

There is a startling statement buried near the end of this NY Times report about Nuri al-Maliki’s ill fated offensive in Basra:

the Iraqis did not trust the British and were not including them in their planning, according to a senior American officer.

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It’s unusual for an early day motion to attract 30 signatures on its first day. But it happened yesterday to an EDM by Greg Pope, a Labour backbencher which taps the growing discontent among the party.

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Gerry Sutcliffe, minister for licensing, has given a jaw-dropping interview openly opposing Alistair Darling’s Budget. He wants the chancellor to “change his mind” about the alcohol duty increase. Yes, “change his mind”.

We cannot think of the last time a minister, indeed an experienced minister, so brazenly opposed a central Budget measure. This is an extraordinary breach of discipline. It is bound to lead to a deluge of negative commentary on the state of the Brown government. What was he thinking? Read more

It’s a question worth asking of the Treasury spokesman for the Liberal Democrats after his claim yesterday that 3m families could end up in negative equity within a year. (It’s the front page of the Daily Mail today).

The prediction came within an otherwise timely debate yesterday, prompted by the Lib Dems (see yesterday’s blog) about the state of the economy. Read more