Daily Archives: April 23, 2008

In the end it took a face-to-face meeting between Gordon Brown and Frank Field last night to end the 10p revolt.

But if the government thinks it’s out of the woods, it should think again. Backbenchers are ready to use their newfound clout over other issues: the next big one being 42 days terror suspect detention without trial. Read more


William Hague, the Tory foreign affairs spokesman, is rightly concerned about the shipment of Chinese arms which is trying to find its way to Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe, but his grasp of African geography is less certain. Read more

The U-turn is already happening. Apparently Gordon Brown will – in Prime Ministers’ Questions at noon – announce compensation (backdated!) to those affected by the removal of the 10p tax rate.

Good news for poor workers. Read more

Frank Field has now gathered 45 Labour names for his amendment to the finance bill – which would provide compensation to those hammered by the abolition of the 10p rate.

At this rate the rebel former minister looks increasingly likely to defeat the government. Read more