Daily Archives: June 18, 2008

My favourite line from today’s report – “Conduct of Sir Nicholas and Lady Winterton” – lies in the appendices. It is a letter to the standards commissioner from Lady W on April 28, 2008:

….”My husband and I have already commenced looking for an alternative property with similar facilities in the Westminster area. As I am currently chairing the Local Transport Bill Public Bill Committee and Nicholas is the lead Chairman on the Finance Bill Public Bill Committee and, in addition, we shall be attending the inauguration of the new Taiwanese President in Taipei in May, I am sure you can appreciate the limits on our time….” Read more

ZumaBritish diplomats in South Africa have had a busy few months, but this afternoon their problems were less to do with Robert Mugabe and more to do with Gordon Brown.

Mr Brown’s comments in parliament on Zimbabwe today included not one, but two embarrassing blunders, according to a foreign office source. Here are his words in full: Read more