Daily Archives: July 11, 2008

This is such a hard one to call. Even the SNP activists can’t really believe the idea that they will overturn a 13,500 Labour majority on July 24. But they think they will make a massive dent in it – at the very least.

One big issue is the lack of Labour bodies on the ground. Read more

David Davis believes public opinion has swung behind him. Maybe, maybe not. Certainly, one opinion poll suggests he now has public sympathy over what he sees as an erosion of human rights. Davis told me on Wednesday that another poll – which has been withheld – gives a similar picture.

But what does the by-election prove? Read more

Maybe I’m just “emotional” because it’s 3.20am and I should be fast asleep. But David Davis’s “victory” – he’s just won 17,113 votes, about 70 per cent – already has a hollow ring. It’s not his fault, poor chap. Where were the other major parties?

He must have felt like a prize fighter, psyched up and oiled up, entering the boxing ring only to discover toddlers and puppies all around him. Read more