Daily Archives: August 4, 2008

This should be THE crucial question for Labour as the party faces the possible prospect of civil war over leadership, direction and policy.

The left, and the unions, want to reach out to core Labour voters with policies such as more affordable housing and a windfall tax on energy companies. Read more

The next cabinet meeting will be in the West Midlands on September 8.

This is a break from the usual tradition of holding it at No 10 – and will be the first of more cabinet gatherings in other parts of the country. The idea is to listen (and be seen to be listening) to the concerns of punters out there in the real world. Read more

For a level-headed news story on Gordon Brown’s position on windfall taxes see this morning’s FT.

The government is considering upping the proportion of carbon permits which energy companies will have to buy in the latest phase of the EU’s emissions trading scheme.  (Until now they have been given the permits for free). Read more