Daily Archives: September 10, 2008

The long search is over. A brave volunteer has stepped up for the most unwanted job in Whitehall. Gordon Brown has a new speechwriter.

His name is Tim Kiddell and his expertise, fortunately, is in “work and wellbeing”*. This may come in handy as he ducks flying objects and learns to cope with his clean prose being defaced by a thick marker pen. We wish him well. Read more

More fallout from “that” article. James Forsyth has spotted someone in the McCain campaign mocking Gordon Brown for hailing the merits of an Obama policy that apparently no longer exists. But I’m not convinced it is as good as the tart response from Juleanna Glover Weiss, a Republican strategist and adviser to Mr McCain.

“It gives one pause,” she said. “Mr Brown’s critics say his regime is in need of a dramatic shake-up. But it seems he’s looking for drama over here.”