Daily Archives: September 24, 2008

Someone near Rugby is running around taking pot shots at trains. We’ve no idea whether anyone has been hurt, but the sniper is doing no favours for those of us travelling back to London from the Labour conference.

The entire West Coast mainline appears to have ground to a halt while a police helicopter hunts for the gunman. Our train has been stationary for at least an hour. Apparently Andrew Adonis, the schools minister, is in the train behind, singing along to his Ipod. If the queue at the canteen is any sign, a run on the coffee and wine has already started. The staff are doing a valiant job of keeping up spirits.  Read more

The transport secretary is resigning to spend more time with her family. It is an old and familiar formula.

In fact Mrs Kelly, a devout Christian, has been troubled over the upcoming embryology bill. I predicted this move in a blog last week. Read more

I only ask because on the Today programme the prime minister explained “naked short-selling” as the practice of institutions lending stocks to hedge funds who then sell them in order to buy them back later.

Er, that’s normal short-selling. Read more