Daily Archives: September 25, 2008

We were given a list of 19 attendees at Gordon Brown’s Wall Street breakfast this morning. At least one didn’t make it…being rather busy. I wonder how many were actually there?

The PM gave his backing to Bush’s $700bn bailout plan this morning and has now announced plans to fly to Washington tomorrow to meet the US president.

This follows reports (FT and elsewhere) that Gordon Brown was snubbed by Hank Paulson, Treasury secretary, who has no time to see him during this week’s visit. Read more

Some excitement in Westminster (apparently…I’m in New York with the hack pack following the PM) about Labour’s new plan for an online rebuttal unit.

This idea was floated at a fringe seminar in Manchester in Sunday at which Derek Draper – along with myself and two people from LabourHome and Liberal Conspiracy - discussed how the party can use blogs to improve its communications. Draper (pictured) is now advising the general secretary and his ideas are at an early stage. Read more

The FT was among many newspapers this morning to point out that Hank Paulson, US Treasury Secretary, had not found the time to meet Gordon Brown on his visit to New York. The PM had suggested – at Labour conference - that he would be meeting US financial regulators.

This doesn’t mean he has been snubbed by everyone. Mr Brown has just emerged from a power breakfast with some of the top names on Wall Street. They include Steve Schwarzman, chairman of Blackstone, Anne Marie Petach, CFO of BlackRock, and George Soros – who needs no introduction. Read more