Daily Archives: September 26, 2008

Gordon Brown has just told the UN that the “age of irresponsibility” is now close to its end.

Raising the obvious question: if everyone was so irresponsible, why did the Chancellor of the Exchequer (G.Brown, 1997-2007) do so little about it? The silliness in the banking world was not confined to the US, whatever the prime minister might claim. Read more

Three hundred and fifty powerful women from around the world gathered in New York on Wednesday night on behalf of the White Ribbon Alliance, a charity which campaigns to prevent death in childbirth. They included the PM’s wife.

The surprise guest was Sarah Palin, Republican vice-presidential candidate in the US presidential elections. I’m told by more than one source that she was rather unfriendly and resembled a “rabbit in the headlights”. Read more