Daily Archives: September 29, 2008

Lord Oakeshott, Lib Dem Treasury spokesman, was horrified by the idea that Tory donors might have short-sold stocks, HBOS in particular (see my previous blog).

But what of Paul Marshall, co-founder of hedge fund Marshall Wace, who has given the Lib Dems about  £162,000 in recent years? Guido alludes today to the fact that Marshall Wace likes to short stocks. Read more

Some readers may be excited by the fact that Tory donors have sold some equities short during the recent financial crisis. That may seem like a gift to Labour during these perilous times.

But this is a time for cool heads. Bear in mind that the last high-minded group to attack short-sellers – the Church of England – was revealed as hypocritical last week when it emerged that its own investment arm uses similar practices. Read more