Daily Archives: October 2, 2008

The American Embassy is set to move from glitzy to gritty as it relocates from Mayfair to, um, Vauxhall. Here is the original story.

 There is some logic for moving to a more secure, cheaper neighbourhood. Other inhabitants of Grosvenor Square will no doubt be delighted, especially if the concrete monstrosity is replaced. Read more

A corporate networking group – Business for New Europe – had breakfast at No.10 this morning with Gordon Brown.

Among its members is Paul Marshall, co-founder of Marshall Wace (which has been short-selling HBOS) and Lib Dem donor. See previous blogs this weekRead more

Digby Jones bid farewell to high office (sic) today with a robust defence of capitalism in an interview with Sky News, warning of the consequences of a backlash against the City.

Conceding there had been “stupendous examples of arrogance and greed” among bankers – not least their ridiculously big bonuses – Lord Jones called for better regulation rather than more regulation. Read more