Daily Archives: October 14, 2008

As “Flash Gordon” busies himself with saving the world economy, punters are moving their money back on Labour. There has been a sharp movement away from the Tories in the spread betting markets, as Mike Smithson at Political Betting has noted.

The dramatic reversal in Gordon Brown’s fortunes could also move the betting on an early election. One senior opposition MP has already suggested to us that Brown may be tempted to call a snap election if his bounce in the polls endures into next year. Read more

It is the eternal cry when things go wrong: “Something must be done!”

The councils today demanded an inquiry into the ratings agencies. Hazel Blears, communities secretary, swiftly deployed a “rapid response team” to help the 116 councils (at least) who put £858m (at least) on deposit in Iceland. Read more

A sycophantic medley of questions at the prime minister’s press conference for the foreign media.

Gordon Brown was asked – I’m not making this up – how he felt about being called a superhero. Then he was asked whether he minded being described as “saviour of the world” by a Nobel prizewinner. And someone else asked him, again, was it accurate to describe him as a superheroRead more

Just spent the morning at the Treasury select committee listening to a panel of housing experts discuss the downturn.

John Muellbauer, professor of economics at Nuffield College, Oxford – and something of a housing guru – was asked his opinion on Alistair Darling’s plan to get lending levels back to their 2007 level. Read more