Daily Archives: October 24, 2008

The FT has obtained the full transcript of Alistair Darling’s conversation with Iceland’s finance minister. David Ibison wrote a piece about some of it today and we’re writing more about it tomorrow. But I wanted to share the most important exchange with you first. Enjoy.

Árni M Mathiesen: Hello Read more

lembit1.JPGWhich politician “on first name terms with the nation” is “swallowing hard” for his party, working “right at the coalface” and offering a “colourful alternative” to the “ordinary members” selecting the next Liberal Democrat president?

Why, Lembit Opik of course. Read more

tillman.jpgAll the evidence suggests that allowing corporate donors does nothing for transparency or the simplicity of the political finance system.

Peter Riddell’s piece neatly exposes the logical contortions in electoral law. Why should a foreigner banned from donating be permitted to give as much as they like via their wholly-owned EU based company, as long as it does business in the UK? Read more