Daily Archives: November 3, 2008

Eric Daniels, the Lloyds TSB chief executive, sounded rather relaxed today for a man who is about to have the government peering over his shoulder. He expects the Treasury to be a “value-orientated shaeholder”. “We don’t expect any impact on our lending policies or our conduct of business,” he said.

Lloyds made this quite clear a few weeks ago, in a largely unnoticed qualification to its agreement to maintain the availability of lending. Read more

Spare a though for the wife of David Plouffe, the Obama campaign manager, as you watch the final hours of the presidential race. Mrs Plouffe is about 9 months and three days pregnant.

Baby Plouffe was due on Saturday. But he (yes, they’ve checked) has better plans. The young lad is clearly developing a mischievous sense of occasion. Read more

The Icelandic banking saga goes on. The Tories are now calling for an independent inquiry to end the “confusion” over the government’s handling of the crisis.

Mark Hoban, shadow financial secretary, is questioning the basis for the Treasury’s actions and the validity of the explanations provided by Alistair Darling. Read more

Has there been some wishful thinking over the new army of “green workers”?

Gordon Brown says a “Green New Deal” will create hundreds of thousands of UK jobs (in one speech he even predicted more than a million UK environmental jobs in 20 years).  But, as Fiona Harvey discovered, this claim needs to be qualified. Read more