Daily Archives: November 6, 2008


Labour’s pessimism over the Glenrothes race seems to have convinced the punters. After making a bit of headway in the first couple of weeks of the campaign, Labour have slipped back to stand as outsiders with a 25 per cent chance of retaining the seat. Read more

I take my hat off to Labour.

The party machine has done an incredible job at massaging expectations of the Glenrothes by-election (result later tonight). Read more

Gordon Brown’s spokesman often spends his afternoon press briefings – in an eyrie in the roof of the Commons – batting away questions with bland non-answers.

But the hacks are sometimes offered glimpses of policy change. Read more

Back from two weeks’ paternity leave and struggling through the morning papers I alighted on this gem (incidentally by Robert Shrimsley of the FT).

“In the wake of Barack Obama’s win, opposition politicians across the world are honing their campaigns.

The scene: 2010. David Cameron’s election night rally. Thousands gather on the lawn of Hatfield House, knee-deep in discarded champagne bottles, awaiting confirmation of victory. Cameron rises to address the gathering:

“My friends, a few moments ago I received a phone call from Prime Minister Brown. At least I think it was him; it was rather short and punctuated by someone swearing in a Scottish accent.

It’s been a long time but tonight change has come to Britain. Today marks the end of a long journey – and, kids, you’ve earned that wolfhound. Read more