Daily Archives: November 14, 2008

This has really gone too far. Gordon Brown the Superhero is now a commercial reality. Followers of the Saviour Of The Universe can purchase branded t-shirts, Christmas cards, posters and mounted prints at Popmash.com.  But none of this iconography is a touch on the accompanying Popmash video. Unmissable.


A line referring to the Tory plan to create jobs through “fully funded” tax breaks to companies hiring staff stood out of this interesting Guardian piece. The article cited the Social Market Foundation analysis concluding the measures would open a £1.9bn black hole, but said this was “disputed by the Tories who say their calculations were endorsed by the Institute for Fiscal Studies”.

An IFS endorsement of any tax plan is the political equivalent of a papal blessing. The truth is that no such blessing was given. Read more

A few months ago I was sceptical of Labour’s claim on: “Our top 50 achievements since being elected in 1997″.

It looked like boast number one (“Longest period of sustained low inflation since the 60s”) was coming unstuck as inflation headed rapidly upwards. Read more