Daily Archives: January 15, 2009

It’s hard to work out Ken Clarke’s view on the Heathrow expansion (if he has one) given his lack of public pronouncements on the issue. He didn’t return the FT’s calls today.

If the genial Tory is brought back to a key front bench job – as the current rumour mill suggests – the answer to that question suddenly becomes much more important. For now there are only rumblings of discontent among the Conservative ranks about the policy of opposing the third runway. A handful of front benchers are unhappy but they aren’t speaking out in public. Read more

I did a round-table interview today with nearly 20 business leaders* – yes it was a bit odd – just before they trooped in to discuss environmental issues with Gordon Brown at No.10.

The companies (including Tesco, Vodafone, Shell, Lloyds TSB etc etc) are all calling for the government to go further and faster with its environmental targets and do more “green” public procurement. Read more

Norman Lamont told me last night that he was flattered by the use of the “green shoots” phrase by business minister Shriti Vadera.

He argued that words had been “pretty accurate” given that Britain pulled out of recession in the summer of 1992. He had spotted only “shoots, not bushes”. Read more