Daily Archives: February 5, 2009

A flurry of Lords have amended the register of interests in the last two weeks.

This Tuesday saw

1] Lord Clement-Jones, treasurer of the Liberal Democrats (and partner at law firm DLA Piper) add US defence group Raytheon to his list. Read more

toxteth.jpgMy colleague Andy Bounds broke the story last month that England’s poorest regions were losing out on millions of pounds of extra funding from the European Union – despite Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland benefiting.

The government decided there wasn’t enough time for the regions to spend a sudden windfall after the collapse of sterling boosted the value of euro-denominated European Union grants by about a fifth. Read more


The latest media blitz by Charles Clarke does not disappoint. First he tells the Telegraph that he would jump at a job offer from Gordon Brown and would “love to do transport, or anything around the environment”. Then he tells the New Statesman that Tony Blair wanted to groom him as a rival to Brown: Read more


It is bonus season in the City. Times are tough, so most of London’s finest will expect less than half what they last received. But this belt-tightening will still amount to a hefty payout, as far as the public are concerned. The City will divvy up £3.6bn over the next few weeks, according to the best forecast available. (That’s a tad less than 1999, during the dotcom bubble.) Read more