Daily Archives: February 12, 2009

Remind you of another country on the other side of the world?

The lack of attention given to the Bank of England’s grim forecast for the economy is bizarre. Mervyn King basically said the recession, from peak to trough, will be two times worse than the Treasury expects. That knocks about £30bn to £40bn off official GDP forecasts, hits the tax take by up to £20bn and raises the deficit from 8 to closer to 10 per cent of national income. You have to wonder why David Cameron decided to raise VAT in the Commons on Wednesday and ignored the big “gloom gap” between Gordon Brown and the Bank.

For those who are interested, the calculations are based on this Bank fan chart. It is not a straight comparison with the Treasury forecasts, so the figures have to be put into a spreadsheet. Read more

It is not clear why the Office for National Statistics has chosen to release jobs data by UK-born and non UK-born citizens for the first time. But it has and here is the text. Read more

No doubt Thursday’s newspapers will be making hay from Eric Daniels’ comment that he is paid a regular kind of wage. Read more