Daily Archives: February 13, 2009

The full story is on ft.com. This is only one day after the prime minister repeated his belief that taxpayers would make money out of the bank rescues.

From Bloomberg, February 12 Read more

I was going to leap to the defence of Britain’s senior civil servants whose 1,700 items of hospitality last year were made up mostly of breakfasts, dinners and lunches.

And then I saw that Michael White at the Guardian has articulated this line of thought already. Worth reading.

It lacks the punch of Sarko. But the French finance minister has clearly made her own bid for a Brit-bashing award. Christine Lagarde’s target for reproach is Alistair Darling, who apparently failed to warn her about Britain’s last rescue package, in spite of all his rhetoric about global co-ordination.

Unlike Darling, Tim Geithner had the manners to consult her before unvieling the US bailout, Lagarde says in an FT interview. She sounds exasperated at Darling’s failure to act on his own pleas for collaboration. Read more