Daily Archives: February 26, 2009

Jim Pickard

The jolly japester (sic) who runs London has been asked to appear in front of the transport select committe to explain why the city ground to a halt during recent snowfalls. Read more

Jim Pickard

I’m sure there’s a mixed metaphor to be had here re a big fish across the pond.

But the RBS director with an equally impressive pension – according to RBS’s 2007 accounts – is one Larry (Lawrence) Fish, chair of the bank’s US operations. His pension pot was $24m at that point. Read more

Has Pesto got his sums right? He reported that Sir Fred Goodwin is drawing a pension of £650,000 a year from a pot of about £16m. But if you take account of Goodwin “retiring” at 50, the maths doesn’t seem right.

The FSA’s handy pension calculator shows his total pension pot is closer to £25m. Yes, there’s even more cash for Alistair Darling to claw back. Read more