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A meeting between Gordon Brown and Pele, the Brazilian soccer legend, was supposed to be taking place today. Read more

We pointed out yesterday that the uncovered gilt auction was troubling if not – yet – the end of the world. Read more

Stern words today from the Audit Commission about the 127 councils who stuck £954m in Icelandic banks which subsequently collapsed.

Singled out for the wooden spoon are the seven which put £32.8m in Reykjavik(pictured) in early October – in the week after the ratings agencies had downgraded the Icelandic banks and one, Glitnir, had already been nationalised on September 29.

Here is the role of shame:

London Borough of Havering £2m
Kent County Council £3.3m
Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council £4m
Restormel Borough Council £3m
Bridgnorth District Council £1m
Kent County Council (again) £5m
South Yorkshire Pensions Authority £10m
North East Lincolnshire Council £3m
North East Lincolnshire Council (again) £1.5m

The report says: “In some cases, a contractual agreement to place the deposit may have been made before 30 September.”

In defence of the local authorities, their savings in Icelandic banks did drop from £2bn at the start of 2008 to the £953m when the Reykjavik banks imploded.

For the full report read here.

Regular readers of this column may remember which public finances watchdog was embarrassed by the Icelandic saga because it, too, had £10m placed there. That’s right: the Audit Commission. Read more