Daily Archives: April 19, 2009

Unite the Union has been at considerable pains to deny that it has provided funds for LabourList, Derek Draper’s solidly loyal website. (I asked them again recently and got a flat “no”).

Perhaps this has something to do with the furore over Draper’s ghost site, Red Rag – it never went live – on which McBride wanted to post his venomous smears. Read more

Not now. Not for a while. But I have little doubt that McBride will return to the world of “communications” in one form or another; and maybe sooner than you think.

I remember a conversation with a PR friend after Jade Goody’s unfortunate appearance on Celebrity Big Brother over a year ago. It seemed certain that her career as a celebrity was over. “She’ll be back,” he said. “She’s just too interesting.” Read more

You might have forgotten this but the Tories proposed – exactly six months ago – a scheme to let companies defer their VAT payments.

Problem is, this would have only been for….um…..six months. Read more