Daily Archives: May 5, 2009

Labour have trailed their latest party political broadcast on YouTube ahead of its broadcast tonight. The move has been billed as Gordon Brown’s brave return to his favourite video sharing site (YouTube if you want to, prime minister). There are a few trademark smiles and cringeworthy moments. But this is edited and (relatively) polished, unlike the prime minister’s notorious clip on MPs’ expenses.

If you want some real Brown YouTube magic, take a look at the second clip embedded below on “every child matters”, which was recorded on the day after Brown’s expenses riff. (Note that Brown has the same tie on.) Read more

The Daily Mail ran a fascinating story today quoting a cabinet minister warning that Nick Brown, chief whip, might “have to go” over his failure to suppress the Royal Mail rebellion.

The unnamed minister said that Brown had invited MPs to come up with compromise ideas and were free to sign a motion criticising the plans. “This sort of behaviour is quite extraordinary for the chief whip. If he carries on, he’ll have to go“. Intriguingly, a similar story also ran in The Sun. Read more

No idea. But it’s not Prince Charles or Prince Philip, apparently. Read more

A new PoliticsHome survey has suggested that Alan Johnson would be the best successor to Gordon Brown in the event of a leadership vacancy. Read more