Daily Archives: May 11, 2009

The Telegraph has so far maintained a studious silence over the expense claims of husband-and-wife MPs.

Given the the levels of past interest in the affairs of the Wintertons, the Balls/Cooper family and the Keens, this is unlikely to last. Read more

Second home allowances were in part designed to compensate for MPs being too embarrassed to vote themselves big pay rises. But this argument suggests that MPs are paid too little. In fact, international comparisons show that British MPs are doing relatively well.

Sure, there are better paid places to be a politician. Parliamentarians in Italy, Canada and the US do much better than their colleagues in the UK. According to the Senior Salaries Review Body’s analysis of international political pay (the table is reproduced below), Italians are paid about 67 per cent more than British MPs’ base salary of around £65,000 (and that was calculated before the collapse in the pound).

But many other countries pay about the same or are less generous. Australia pay 7 per cent less, France 5 per cent, New Zealand 15 per cent and Spain an eye-watering 52 per cent. Read more