Daily Archives: May 18, 2009

A couple of hours to go before the Speaker’s statement. Michael Martin will have an open mike to salvage his reputation and subdue the growing parliamentary insurrection. It should be a dramatic afternoon. The stakes are so high you could almost feel sorry for him. But any of you concerned about his well-being should remember that the Speaker, should he leave, will benefit from one magnificent golden parachute.

Martin will be able to claim his pension as soon as he steps down. And what a marvellous pension it is. He will receive half his annual salary as Speaker, which amounts to about £39,000 a year. This supplements his MPs pension, which will be up to £39,000 a year. It is guaranteed by the government and index linked, so nothing will threaten his income. The pot, in total, is worth about £1.5m. (Thanks again to John Ralfe for crunching the numbers.) Read more

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