Daily Archives: May 25, 2009

Labour and the Tories are falling over each other to claim themselves the party of reform (missing the whole point, as I explained earlier today).

Jackie Ashley, the columnist, can barely believe how nimbly David Cameron is dealing with the expenses issue despite many of his MPs being implicated in a big way. Read more

Prepare yourself for a new MP expenses story; this time about Dennis Bates, an accountant who is married to Labour MP Meg Munn (pictured).

 Read more

The editorial in the Times by Alan Johnson (proposing proportional representation) was seen by that paper as a covert bid for the Labour leadership.

Well, possibly. But the alternative theory is that Gordon Brown is desperate for Labour to look like it is doing something about the expenses scandal that he has authorised senior colleagues to “go out there and talk reform”. Read more

I’ve heard of Esther Rantzen, obviously.

David Van Day, never. The former singer from Dollar, apparently an 80s pop duo, has said he could become the latest anti-sleaze parliamentary candidate. The 52-year old wants to stand against Nadine Dorries at the next general election.

Apparently he was appalled by Ms Dorries’ radio interview where she accused the Telegraph of “McCarthy-ite witch hunts” and warned that some of her MP colleagues were “beginning to crack”.

Van Day, an unsuccessful former Tory council candidate, wants to start a “No Expenses Party”. Read more

In retrospect I chose the wrong fortnight to be on holiday. But from my Cornish vantage point I couldn’t help wondering who had inadvertently come out of the expenses saga smelling of roses.

Firstly the central London MPs. They couldn’t claim the additional cost allowance so there was never any temptation – unlike those in outer London. Thus Harriet Harman sails through unscathed. Read more