Daily Archives: June 4, 2009

Read here for the full story about Sir Alan Sugar’s visit to Downing Street.

Will he be Gordon Brown’s new political Apprentice? Appointing the hard-baked entrepreneur as a new minister would certainly be a radical move. Next stop: JK Rowling for culture secretary? Read more

Alex wrote at midnight (still no pay rise alas) that financial self-interest could prevent some Labour MPs joining the electronic revolt. Many MPs are also saying (at least publically) that a mutiny would be suicidal. There is definitely some resentment on the left of the party against the Blairite ministers who have resigned. Senior ministers such as Lord Mandelson are trying to keep a lid on things.

That said, we simply don’t know at this point how many people will sign the petition. Read more

Earlier this evening, a despondent enemy of Gordon Brown explained to me why the prime minister’s position is safe.

The first reason is that Labour’s situation is so bad, it has left the rebels without a cause. There was hope last summer that new leadership could revive the party’s fortunes. Now not even the most zealous critic of Brown believes Labour can win a fourth term. You can see why someone would risk rebellion to lead Labour to victory. But which senior figure will lead a mutiny for the sake of damage limitation? Read more