Daily Archives: June 5, 2009

A hat tip to Threadneedles (one of our readers) for pointing out that Lord Mandelson has been made “First Secretary of State” – which means he is the new deputy prime minister.

It’s on Wikipedia already so it must be true (ed: this is gentle irony). Here is Wiki’s definition of the honorific title.  Read more

1800 Our hunch about Hoon seems to be correct. He is not a rebel. Instead there are plans afoot to give him a job in the EU within a year.

1730 John Healey is the new housing minister

1709 Caroline Flint resigns after not winning a promotion. Sour grapes?

1643 Lord Adonis to transport. Flint gets nothing. Bradshaw to culture. Liam Byrne is chief secretary of the Treasury. Jim Knight becomes employment minister. Beckett and McNulty leave.

1617 Labour lose all their county councils. Read more

Tony Blair quit after a handful of minnow PPSs and junior ministers applied a bit of pressure. Read more

This is absolutely hilarious. The Tories have found Sir Alan Sugar’s scathing letter about Gordon Brown to the FT in 1992.

“I have noted with disgust the comments of a certain Mr Gordon Brown who has accused me of doing well out of the recession….I do not know who Mr Gordon Brown is. Excuse my ignorance, but I don’t. Whoever he is, he has not done is homework properly. The man doesn’t know what he is talking about….Labour offers no route out of recession.”

 Read more

It’s easy to miss the depth of Labour’s local election defeat amid the excitment of James Purnell’s resignation and the reshuffle.

But Rob Hayward, psephological expert, points out: Read more

Francis Elliot explains how and why he left

The letter Read more