Daily Archives: June 8, 2009

A last thought before I get on with my week’s holiday. (Alex still in Westminster of course.)

The unions are one of the power bases within the Labour movement which could credibly pull the rug from under Gordon Brown. Why: because they provide almost all of its funding these days. Read more

I’ve come late to the Frank Field blast against Brown. It is an excoriating attack on Brownite terror and an “inept” government team.

Don’t let anyone kid themselves that this was an unimportant election where voters felt they could make a clear protest vote. Unless something changes significantly on a national level these results would be reproduced at a general election. Read more

Most of the ministerial changes have been made. Here is the list, courtesy of PA.

Some initial observations: Lord Drayson is back as defence procurement minister (the industry will be happy); the Mandelson empire grows to a team of six ministers, but he seems to have lost Stephen Carter and Shriti Vadera (we’re checking); Stephen Timms remains at the Treasury, where he was reputed to be doing a good job; Quentin Davies’ stint as a Labour minister is over.

UPDATE: This isn’t the full list. More moves are expected. We think Carter and Vadera are staying put. But this is still to be confirmed. Quentin Davies (known as QD in the department) may also be staying on. Lots of confusion over what all the MoD ministers will be responsible for.

UPDATE: The Davies questions seems to have got James Kirkup in as much of a tangle as me.  Read more

The former environment minister has just explained to the BBC why she resigned. It is devastating stuff.

“It is his style. It is the type of politics he engages in….[the public] reject his style of politics.” Read more

It is worth recapping on just how terrible this round of elections has been for Labour.

– Labour is now the third party of local government in England, with fewer councillors than the Liberal Democrats for the first time since the First World War Read more