Daily Archives: June 17, 2009

The BBC is reporting that Brian Binley will not repay his expense claims even if asked to by David Cameron. The Tory MP is under pressure after renting a flat from his own company.

This raises the interesting prospect of Binley losing the party whip, which is the ultimate punishment if he is ordered by the party’s scrutiny panel to pay the money back and refuses to do so. Read more

He had been ridiculed and forced from his grandiose office. Not surprisingly, Michael Martin wanted to send a message to his critics in his parting speech. Read more

Gordon Brown really believes his “Mr 10 per cent” jibe at David Cameron is working. He really, really, really wants it to work. And he spent PMQs trying to hammer home the point. Again. Again. And Again. Read more

Unison is unhappy with Labour and threatening to withdraw funding

Patrick Hennessy is bemused by Labour’s newfound resilience in the opinion polls Read more