Daily Archives: June 18, 2009

My last post gave a link to the list of 185 MPs who have repaid money so far:

Here are the most hilarious token repayments I’ve spotted: Read more

This may be our favourite of the day. We salute you Jonathan Djanogly and all your publicly funded jams.

It’s an astonishing number. 185 MPs have repaid nearly half a million pounds: £478,617. Here are the full details if you want to check out your own MP.

The Guardian meanwhile has a worthwhile tale about MPs paying rent to their own parties, courtesy of David Hencke.

It seems a tad unfair to pick out one person from the morass of information published today by the Commons’ authorities. Read more

I have it on good authority that John Woodcock, one of Brown’s two spokesmen, is to quit; the move could come soon.

Apparently he wants to stand at the next general election as candidate for Barrow and Furness, John Hutton’s seat. The latter resigned as defence secretary amid the reshuffle excitement of two weeks ago. Woodcock used to be Hutton’s special adviser. Read more

David Chaytor has more questions to answer about his expenses

Alastair Campbell has a pop at Ed Balls over the latter’s call for a more public Iraq inquiry Read more