Daily Archives: June 19, 2009

The punters are abandoning John Bercow in the race to be Speaker. He’s slipped to second favourite on Betfair, the online betting exchange, behind Margaret Beckett. Sir George Young is making up ground as well. Here’s the chart of the day to day betting since the race began. Remember Betfair works like a market — the chart reflects the money being placed on each candidate, not just the views of one bookie.

You may remember back in March that Unite suspended three senior officials without explaining why it had done so. Britain’s biggest union hasn’t exactly been vocal since about what happened to the trio.

The suspension of Kevin Coyne, former north-west officer for the Amicus wing of Unite, was seen as an act of revenge after Coyne stood against Derek Simpson for the leadership of the group. (In the end he came third, behind Simpson and Jerry Hicks).  Read more

How Labour MPs channelled £235,000 to a computer consultancy firm based at Labour HQ

From the sublime to the ridiculous: a litany of curious claims by MPs Read more

The Tories are still piling pressure on Gordon Brown to execute a “proper U-turn” on the Iraq war inquiry.

But if David Cameron is so keen to make the proceedings public, why doesn’t he commit to it himself? His word may have as much force as Brown’s. Read more